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This is a simple circuit simulator made in Java with the JavaFX framework. Build whatever you want in this playground, even your own 8-bit pc (Old screenshot of a 8-bit calculator)

Source code: https://github.com/OrangoMango/LogicSimulator


Building blocks

  • Switches (input)
  • Lights/RGB Lights (output)
  • AND gate
  • NOT gate
  • Bus
  • Tri-state buffer
  • 7 Segment display
  • Circuits embedding using chips

Simulator features

  • Save/Load projects to a readable JSON format
  • Save projects as a chip with your custom name and color
  • Clear workspace
  • Delete gate/wire
  • Connect multiple buses together
  • Gate label
  • Connect/Disconnect pins from the circuit
  • Turn global power on/off
  • Export circuit to a PNG image

Web version changes

  • To load a file, upload it and then click the Load button
  • To load chips into your project (dependencies), upload them by using the second upload button. Once uploaded, you find them in the sidebar on the right.
  • Use the slider to scale the UI
  • Toggle the Move button to move around the scene or to move the gates in your project (instead of the right-click, optional)
  • Some buttons in the toolbar are replacements for the keys DELETE, R, SHIFT, CONTROL and ALT

Keyboard usage help

  • Use P to toggle global power on/off
  • Use H to show/hide the toolbar
  • Use DELETE to delete selected gates from the circuit
  • Use Shift + DELETE to delete the wires of the selected gates in the circuit
  • Use Z and X to decrement/increment buses amount when placing a bus
  • Use R to align selected buses
  • Use F1 to show/hide pin IDs
  • Use Shift when:
    • placing a wire to align it
    • to place an input pin instead of an output one onto the bus
    • to move pins that are on a bus
  • Use Control when:
    • placing a wire to delete the previous point
    • to define a new selection without unselecting the previous one
  • Use Alt to place a wirepoint on the position of the nearest wirepoint on the circuit

Mouse usage help

  • Use the scroll wheel to scale the canvas
  • Use Left click:
    • on pins to enter wire-placing mode
    • to place the chosen block from the menu on the right
    • to toggle a switch on/off
    • to delete a gate if you clicked on the RM GATE button
    • to place a pin on a bus (use Shift to toggle between an input/output pin)
    • to resize a bus horizontally or vertically
    • to connect buses together if you clicked on the CONNECT BUS button
    • to delete a wire if you clicked on the RM WIRE button (click on 2 pins)
    • to move a pin of the bus if the Shift key is pressed too
    • to define a selection area or if you click on the background to unselect the current selection
  • Use Right click:
    • to interrupt an action like when creating a bus, deleting a gate or a wire
    • to move the camera
    • to move selected gates or selected wire points
    • to open the gate properties menu where you can change the label, remove a pin (if you clicked on a bus pin), and so on
    • to look inside a chip


Individual downloadable project files are available on github.

Thanks to @SebLague who inspired me to make this :)


logicsim_1.1-1_amd64.deb 36 MB
LogicSim-1.1.msi 37 MB
LogicSim-1.1.pkg 36 MB
LogicSimulator.zip 35 MB
logicsimulator_1.1-1_arm64.deb 33 MB

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