LogicSimulator 1.1

LogicSimulator v1.1

Small update that includes a new web version made with webfx (https://orangomango.itch.io/logicsimulator), bug fix, RGB lights and some UI changes.

General description

This is a circuit simulator made in Java using the JavaFX framework

Version 1.0+ includes every basic feature that a logic simulator should have like switches, lights (with 1.1 there are also RGB lights), AND gates, NOT gates, buses, 7 segment display, and most importantly the option to embed circuits using chips so you can build whatever you want. Check the README for more information about the features and the keys to use.

Available for Windows, Linux (arm64 and amd64), MacOS and browser.


logicsimulator_1.1-1_arm64.deb 33 MB
Sep 03, 2023
LogicSim-1.1.pkg 36 MB
Sep 03, 2023
LogicSimulator.zip 35 MB
Sep 03, 2023
LogicSim-1.1.msi 37 MB
Sep 03, 2023
logicsim_1.1-1_amd64.deb 36 MB
Sep 03, 2023

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