Chess v2.0

Chess GUI made in JavaFX for desktop, browser and android.

Source code:


  • Android: stockfish is already included in the apk
  • Desktop: stockfish needs to be installed separately and must be accessed with the stockfish command or place the executable (the filename must start with stockfish in order to be found by the application) in the .omchess folder loacated in your home directory.
  • Browser: thanks to the API, it works also in the browser without installing anything.


  • Default chess rules (Capture, movement, en passant, castle, promotion)
  • Play on the same board (Pass & play), in LAN or in a server room
  • Play against stockfish (be sure to have stockfish installed)
  • Custom FEN (Click on the edit board button)
  • Export game FEN or PGN once the game ended.
  • Arrow
  • Premoves
  • Custom time control
  • Drag and drop
  • Underpromotion by dragging a piece in the opposite direction


A future version 3.0 will include:

  • Game analysis (Blunders & Brilliant moves)
  • Spectate games
  • Account login/sign-up to save your games
  • Some UI changes
  • Proper premoves


Download 36 MB
Chess-2.0.msi 38 MB
chess_2.0-1_amd64.deb 37 MB
chess_2.0-1_arm64.deb 34 MB
Chess-2.0.pkg 37 MB
chess.apk 35 MB

Install instructions



Download the .deb file and install it with this command

With sudo: 

sudo dpkg -i file-name.deb

Without sudo:

dpkg -x file-name.deb .



  • Download and extract the zip file
  • Double click on the exe file (be sure that there is a "jre" directory in the same location of the exe file).

Everything else

  • Download the correct file for your architecture
  • Double click on the executable file

Development log

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