Chess 2.0

Chess 2.0

Major update that includes a web version playable at The web version uses the API.


  • Fixed various bugs
    • Fixed queen side castle bug
    • Fixed en-passant bug
    • Fixed time not synchronized during LAN games
    • Fixed other minor bugs
  • UI remake, now the game menu is located on the right
  • Server games, now it's possible to host & play a game on the server
  • Start multiplayer games at any custom FEN
  • Changed the app's icon


The application is available for Linux (arm64 and amd64), Windows (executable and installer), Mac, Android and Browser.

Full Changelog: v1.3...v2.0


Chess-2.0.msi 38 MB
Sep 16, 2023
chess_2.0-1_amd64.deb 37 MB
Sep 16, 2023
Chess-2.0.pkg 37 MB
Sep 16, 2023 36 MB
Sep 16, 2023
chess.apk 35 MB
Sep 16, 2023
chess.apk 35 MB
Sep 18, 2023

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