Retoohs is a reversed shooter game where you are the zombies and you have to kill the player and avoid letting them get points.

Once you figured how to beat the player, the game gets easy

How to play

Check out the screenshots and the in-game tutorial!
Quick notes: You switch roles every 20s, when you are the player you need to kill the zombies and collect the blue points; don't get too OP because when you play as the zombies you need to defeat yourself and avoid letting the player to score points (try to collect the drops and to dodge the player's bullets). At 1500 you meet your first boss.


  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to shoot explosion (there is a cooldown)
  • Q to restore health (there is a cooldown)
  • Arrows to switch between zombies when in zombie mode (You don't need a mouse in this mode)

Not so important

  • E to choose a drop that has lower rarity than the current gun.
  • R to reload ammo
  • P to pause


  • Common (50%)
  • Epic (40%)
  • Legendary (10%)

Each drop may contain a different type of gun depending on its rarity.

Made in 48h without a game engine, using Java and the JavaFX framework.
Post-jam update, 2.0

Source code:


retoohs-2.0.apk 58 MB
Download 84 MB
retoohs_2.0-1_amd64.deb 85 MB
Retoohs-2.0.msi 86 MB
Retoohs-2.0.pkg 85 MB

Install instructions

Downloadable builds are suggested as they work smoother and have less bugs

Development log

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