Guide the trains to their station. Each train has a color that represents its destination. Sometimes there are some cargo trains that disturb you, try to let them go away and be sure to avoid the cars on your way!
There are 9 different maps, once there is a collision, you lose.


Very very simple, just left click on the rails to change them, on the stoplights or crossing gates to toggle them on/off.


Survive as much time as possible, for every train that arrives to the correct station you get 100 score, and for every train you miss, you lose 75 score. If "jolly" is enabled then you can build combos by passing on a station more than once.

Made in Java, using the JavaFX framework.
Source code:

v1.0 was made in 72h for the Indie Dev Game Jam 1, without an engine.


railtheway_2.0-1_amd64.deb 42 MB
Download 42 MB
RailTheWay-2.0.msi 43 MB
RailTheWay-2.0.pkg 42 MB
railtheway_2.0-1_arm64.deb 39 MB
RailTheWay-2.0.apk 15 MB

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